Facebook has a neat feature allowing users to list places they've lived. They have a specific format for that list which includes dates of residence. Since I don't want to bother with dates, but would like to put down places, for my own interest at least. I will do that here. Places are categorized.

Units of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Rockford Illinois Ward

Rockford Illinois Second Ward

Ames Iowa Branch, Des Moines Iowa District

California North Mission

BYU 103rd Branch (I think it was a branch at the time.)

BYU 113th Singles Branch (on assignment)

LaCrosse Wisconsin Ward

Mesa Arizona 55th Ward (now Sherwood Park Ward)

Barron Wisconsin Ward

Taylor Ranch New Mexico Ward

Well, that wasn't as widely varied as I thought it might be. This doesn't include vacation or business trip visits, the most memorable of which was a visit to the Cochabamba Bolivia Ward. That was before the Temple was built there. Cochabamba is not included here, although we did rent a place there for about a month.

Just a note: Dallin Oaks and I went to BYU at the same time. I arrived as a second semester sophomore. He showed up as President. I have an interesting story of his son, a new "Oaks" in his class, explaining his relationship to the new BYU President as, "His father is my grandfather." The story behind hearing that story is more interesting, and much more complicated!

States I have lived in










New Mexico

Other States Visited

















New York

North Carolina






South Carolina

South Dakota





It appears I've been to more states than I've not visited. I have no particular desire to visit the rest. In order to get a feel of the flavor of any particular area, it takes living there for an extended time.

Other Countries, Nations, and States Visited

Ontario Canada

Panama (this was just an airline fuel stop)

Cochabamba Bolivia

Japan (Just a stop to transfer planes. Never left the airport holding area.)

Stockholm Sweden


Hong Kong (British)

Hong Kong (Chinese Special Administrative Region)

Shenzhen China

Shanghai China

Kortrijk Belgium

Gila River Indian Reservation (didn't stamp my passport)

Aside from Panama and Bolivia, and a few visits to Canada, these were business trips. The most interesting visa stamp in my collection of passports are the China visits. The stamps take up a whole page.

Also, my most memorable immigration port was coming from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, China. We took a train north, then walked across a bridge into China proper. The lady at the immigration desk may have looked at me, but I didn't see it. She wrote something in it, then tossed it in a careless looking motion onto the counter just past her desk. The passport landed with great precision in the center of the counter, so the careless looking motion must have been well practiced. I offered thanks, "Xièxiè." ("謝謝") She was already busy writing in the next person's passport. I watched her process this very Chinese looking person, wondering if she had expressed disdain at my origins. She again threw the passport with the same alacrity. It was obvious that she treated all who passed her portal with the same courtesy.

Another memorable entry was to Toronto, where I was detained for several hours. Let's just say that sometimes it's better to just say you're visiting Aunt Ether in Hamilton, rather than admitting you're there to teach a class on some U.S. product. Unless, of course, you enjoy visiting with immigration officials who aren't very talkative.

There was a hiccup on our entry to Bolivia due to not knowing the language well enough, and not knowing that we had to visit the ticket counter to get the boarding pass for the last leg of our trip from Sucre to Cochabamba. The nice, patient man at boarding took care of us using his handheld radio.

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